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The company has two distinct sides of the business; first being a Welding Service Provider and second being Consulting, Inspection & Training. Serving clients throughout Western Canada, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut with offices in Spruce Grove, Alberta and Kelowna, British Columbia.

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Supply of Shop and Onsite qualified welders to work on ASME pressure piping systems and pressure vessels, CSA Z662 pipelines, CSA W47.1 structural steel, sanitary stainless piping/process equipment and aluminum fabrication & repair.

Price Ranges from $90 – $110/ Hour.

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weld consulting

Work with clients to increase operational efficiency and first time weld quality. Use gap analysis tools with clients to evaluate and assess weld process risks when working with difficult-to-weld alloys and high value weldments.

Pricing starts at $80/ Hour.

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“Smart Welding and Consulting has be an immense and ongoing help to NWFL, Kevin has the vast and deep understanding of welding, welding processes, consumables, and shop efficiencies. Time and time again we have relied on Kevin from Smart welding to help stream line, problem solve, and develop our welding processes and welders, allowing NWFL to be a leader in the steel fabrication industry. We plan to utilize Smart welding and Kevin for a long time to come. Thanks!”


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Welder Training & Weld Procedure Development

Work with your company welders to improve welder skill and the use of Advanced Waveform Controlled Weld Processes, Automation & Orbital Welding.

Pricing Starts at $80/ Hour.

Develop weld procedures based on client needs and equipment capabilities.

Pricing Starts at $80/ Hour.

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Supply Certified Third Party Inspectors as required. CWB Level 2 & 3; AWS CWI; API 510; API 570; API 1169; API 1104; Nace Level 3.

Pricing Starts at $65/ Hour.

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Pipefitting and Compressed Gas Systems

We also specialize in CO2 and Nitrogen gas Installations for the Cannabis Market and Wineries/Food Beverage.


smart welding Est. 2014 by Kevin Gay

Kevin Gay is an accomplished Red Seal "B" Pressure Welder with extensive experience in the construction, repair and alteration of Pipelines, Pressure Piping Systems and Pressure Vessels. He has twenty plus years experience working in the oil & gas, pulp & paper, petrochemical, structural steel and food & beverage industries. He is also a CSA 178.2 Level 2 Weld Inspector, American Welding Society Certified Weld Inspector, American Weld Society Certified Welding Educator and an American Petroleum Institute 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector. Kevin has a deep technical knowledge of the welding arc and worked on many Advanced Weld Processes and Automation projects with large Industrial Customers throughout Canada and the United States in his time as Welding Solutions Manager, including in Western Canada for ITW Welding North America.

Kevin enjoys the everyday challenge of helping to move the welding industry towards more productive weld processes while increasing first time quality and helping clients understand the actual costs of their welding operations.

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